Altered - Jennifer Rush

I have to admit, for a long while in the first three-fourths of the book, I didn't really feel like I was reading a book. That's the thing about mysteries (this DEFINITELY is a mystery, it follows the format and everything). Most of the book is just having clues constantly thrown at you. The abundance of characters and backstory was pretty damn cumbersome, especially when one of them had a certain thing happen to them (sorry, no spoilers) and I was like "wait, who's that again?" For a long time, you don't rack up enough knowledge to care. 


But the rest of this book knocks all of its problems before out of the water. I can't tell you how quickly I flew through the last hundred and fifty pages, but I can tell you that someone has at least five missing assignments now. The action and the excitement are all off the charts, and by the time you reach your first plot twist, you're yelling OH MY GOD about every three pages. 


Also, I'm apparently terrible at deciphering the horrible, horrible plans of government experiment agencies because all of my theories were completely f*cking wrong. The other completely f*cking wrong thing was the fact that Jennifer Rush made a certain thing true about a certain character and I don't know if I can trust anymore. 


As far as how unique the story is, I've seen most of these elements and ideas in other stories, and the premise does do all it can to repurpose those ideas, and I really appreciate it, it's just that it didn't feel original enough to be something super amazing. And, hey, I probably wasn't needing that right now. Just a super-fast, super action-packed, super plot-twisty, super emotion-filled time, and frankly, I got it. 


All in all, not a bad read, but if you're considering reading it, beware of the first few chapters. Adjusting to weird supernatural details within the everyday world is pretty damn awkward, but once you get the hold of the setting, you're home free. Although, that might be just me, because during the past few months, I've had to start over every book I read at least three times before I get past the second chapter. 




Now, there is a bit of a romance in there, and there's definitely some elements that tug at the heart-strings, but it isn't all that overpowering and there are definitely other things to focus on. Which is good, because I couldn't have cared less. 


I will say that this book needs some more scandal. Something that they do to people in the labs that will make you want to put the book down and walk away for a minute. I was slightly disappointed no one got eaten alive by maggots, but, hey, what this book did to my physics notes was much, much worse. 


Most of the reason this book got such a high rating is the fact that it has a feeling of subconscious enjoyment that I can't really describe, kinda like fanfiction. There are so many things not perfect about it, but I just can't stop reading and it can't stop being a good time. 


Although, I'm still willing to give this book extensive credit for all the interesting little clues and notes and backstories that were hidden all over the plot. Even though I was shit at trying to figure it out on my own, that was really, really cool. It moved everything around and kind of reminded me of Nancy Drew, if Nancy Drew was a genetically altered lab rat. 


I would say that someone should write that character, but I'm pretty sure Cas is it. A-