Awesome booklikes blogger Moonlight Reader made a bingo card as a summer reading challenge. 


I've been doing and keeping track of this challenge pretty much since school got out, and I finally got the bright idea to start posting my updates here instead of Pinterest. 


So, without further ado: SUMMER BOOKS! 


For Over 400 Pages, I read Scarlet by Marissa Meyer. My edition has 505 pages and an acute sense of accomplishment. This was one of the best and most loved books of my year, and oh, man, did I have some fun. 


For a Young Adult or Children's Title, I read The Heir by Kiera Cass. After the awesomeness that was the Selection Trilogy, i found the Heir quite disappointing, and I think I'll give it Most Hated Side Character at the end of this year. 


For Deceased Author, I read Death of A Salesman by Arthur Miller. Help me, Willy, I can't cry. 


For Historical Fiction, I read Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee. Goddamnit, Atticus. Why can't you be the false, overestimated childhood hero we all want? 


For A Book Bust Or Bummer, I read The Innocents by Francesca Segal. Scathing review to come soon. 


But it's okay, because then I read Altered by Gennifer Albin for Space Opera or Other Science Fiction, which made everything right in the universe. Well, my universe. The universe in the book is fuuuuuuuuuu


For Fantasy, I read An Ember In The Ashes by Sabaa Tahir, which, as I stated to a group of disappointed and shocked friends, I find less of a fantasy epic and more of a fantasy...meh.


For a book with a terrible cover, I read Ten Things I Hate About Me by Randa Abdel-Fattah, which has a terrible cover, for a ton of reasons. (Both versions, by the way.) Here's the thing: this book is pretty decent, and after reading a solid four-star contemporary that takes place in Australia and has a diverse and expressive main character, I'm a little less scared of them.


But I'm no less disappointed by the cover. There are two versions of this cover. One of them, the one I put on this board, has two digital-animation people, half cropped out of frame on opposite sides of the book, trying to symbolize the main character's interest in awkward simulated video game characters. There's also this weird pink-striped background, which, I mean, come on. Any cover could be better than this. 


The other one was, mostly. There's a cool decorative background, but my main problem is with the photo strip. It's so awkward. Two of these pictures are weirdly sensual smirks, and then the other two are somewhat both playfully curious, like the look someone feigns while they're standing in front of the Statue of Liberty but at New York New York casino, and they're like, "wow...I thought it would be bigger." It's awkward. 


Then, after that, I read Cress by Marissa Meyer for a book with travel, because spaceships and traversing the desert on the edge of death both count as travel. (They also both count as extremely entertaining, thank you very much.) 


For a Graphic Novel, I read the third volume of Black Butler by Yana Toboso, an awesome, epic adventure story about a vengeful child and his walking, badass, suit-clad, Victorian sexual fantasy. (I'm not saying that it's necessary his sexual fantasy, I'm just saying that anyone who's into dudes has probably had Sebastian as a sexual fantasy. Possibly Ciel. I'm saying that. I'm definitely saying that.)


For a book that's been on my TBR shelf for over a year, I chose World After by Susan Ee, a sequel that I've been wanting to read ever since about this time last year, when I read Angelfall, which was the bomb. World After wasn't necessarily as good, but the last three-dozen chapters kicked ass. (For your information, there are 72 chapters, so there are still another three dozen chapters that hit short of kicking ass.) 


And, most recently, for Mystery and Suspense, I chose Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins, a suspenseful Southern adventure with the perfect blend of characters, the perfect combination of enjoyable shenanigans and mystery, and all kinds of action for one of the most fun experiences I've had this June. (Where were you when I had to sit in a hospital for four hours, Rebel Belle?) 


The most disappointing part of this is that I haven't even hit bingo yet.