Rebel Belle - Rachel Hawkins

Rebel Belle is something of a wild ride. 


Normal high school blurs into fast-paced fights and never-ending peril, enemies form into unfortunate charges, and the reader's experience, as well as Harper's life, is turned upside down before the first chapter is even over. 


Sure, parts of Rebel Belle, I have already noticed, are kind of ridiculous. But they're undeniably entertaining. These first eighty-four pages have been already the most fun forty-five minutes I've had this entire month. The characters are sarcastic and hysterical, the setting is vivid and vibrant and comical all at once, and the events contained within this book are unexpected, even after things like them have happened before, heart-pounding, even though they have a certain inconceivable quality to them, and the mysterious powers that Harper has inherited haven't been thrown into a nonstop information dump, nor are they taken too seriously. 


Reading from Harper's perspective is like watching a fireworks show. She's that perfectionist, obsessed kind of student, and, I, for one, think that a character like her being thrown into a situation like this makes for the perfect combination for the maximum amount of humor, the maximum amount of unpredictability, and the maximum amount of what can only be described as effing awesome. 


Well done, Rachel Hawkins. Very well done.