Through the Woods - Emily Carroll

   Through the Woods: An unsettling collection of creepy short stories with a variety of creatures, settings and characters, all centering on or taking place in a forest. 

   Verdict: Not Bad

   The drawings in this book don't fit the realistic style necessary to be the raw and horrifying kind of scary that I was really hoping for, but the creep factor of the author's ideas placed into cartoonish form is actually not bad. 

   If you do end up reading this book, don't go in expecting nightmares. It's better to look for that kind of thing in actually written horror novels where the line thickness and unrealistic qualities of drawings don't really matter. 

   That being said, Through the Woods is actually a decent hour or two of reading. It doesn't happen to be extremely heavy material, but it does happen to be entertaining and easy all at the same time. 

   The star it lost in my rating is pretty much because I was expecting something fairly different than what I got, and while I can appreciate the enjoyableness and creepiness of the couple of short stories, you really have to rationalize the concepts and do a little imagining on your own in order for them to really hit you hard.