Blankets - Craig Thompson

I knew I was stepping out of my normal comfort zone just when I picked up the seemingly multiple-volume graphic novel. 


I just wasn't aware of how much. Sure, Blankets does have some merit. The author's (it's autobiographical) relationship with faith is intriguing and interesting, a realistic portrayal of always believing the things other people tell us, and then, suddenly realizing that believing those things went against you. 


There are also some scenes involving romance that I didn't necessarily enjoy or appreciate, but I feel I obligated to commend because of the heaps of emotion Craig Thompson was able to pour into those scenes and words and drawings. 


That being said, I think Blankets falls into a heap of traps. 


Like, for example, the fact that I can't relate to it nor hope to relate to it. The experiences described in the book are so acute and specific that they're really only ever applicable to exactly what the book is about: alloromantic Christian people. 


I also think all the themes and stories within this single volume don't seem to fit together. I couldn't give you a summary or a theme and I think Thompson tries really hard to tie them all together at the end, but, frankly, I don't see the stitches.