As all zero of you sit in wait for my next review of Stephen Emond's Winter Town, a completely unrelated post with no clear reason for existence has galloped onto your dash board. I would like to start my statements with saying that this review has been a long time coming due to the absolute, life-dominating inconvenience of Writer's Block. As of this point in time, I have no idea what my thoughts on that novel are nor have a clear intention of what kind of review I actually want to write. 


Out of all the books I've reviewed already, it's actually considerably surprising that this is the one that stumps me. 


So, in an attempt to salvage my current hobby, I'm going to try and write reviews in a different style. Instead of trying to cram all of my thoughts into about a dozen or so paragraphs and have to get rid of any spoilers, I'll just write a review with no spoilers for the people who haven't read it yet and a discussion with ALL of the spoilers for people who have. 


Maybe it's more work, but in the long run, I think this will save a lot of time for me.