Inkheart - Cornelia Funke, Anthea Bell

I remember picking up this book for the first time, back in sixth grade. I had just gotten back into fantasy, after being scarred by the idea that there were, in fact, no more installments in the Lord Of The Rings trilogy. I had heard this book referenced all over the middle grade fantasy community and I was finally ready to get myself a bite of a book that would take me forever to finish. 


I also remember some of this writing and exposition being fairly dry, certain scenes lasting way longer than they originally needed to, and a fantastical nightmare that was a huge task to plow through. 


Even though I remember enjoying parts of it, this was not a book I had wanted to pick up again. 


But, seeing as I've reread the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy and loved it years after my first opinion ("eh, it was long"), and now, I feel a sudden urge to try again.

This book has real, tangible potential. Maybe it'll just be that learning to appreciate it has taken more reading than I had done before sixth grade.


So, for my own good, and for the fact that I never finished this series, I'm trying again.


This time, I won't cheat and skip chapters. I promise.


Well, maybe not promise. Probably more like, I'll think about it.